Wednesday, May 28, 2003
Ok, so there I was making my webpage, which is not yet ready to be seen. I put in a link to this place, and tested the link and it worked. Which wasn't meant to happen. Well, obviously I meant for the link to work, but I didn't realise this place would work. It did, which means it can be seen, and I tested it and it couldn't but now it can and it has a link to my pages which are not meant to be seen, not that anybody will be looking at this because it is not public so no one can now about it and...and...and...

Interesting phrasing there Scott, well done on actually passing your english exams all those years ago.

I was hoping to come on here and say that my webapges are nearly finished, but a problem suddenly occurred to me. We, the School of Informatics are currently switching computer systems, from UNIX to LINUX, and the file servers are different. This could effect my webspace. I don't want to go public with pages that are shortly to disappear. I'll look like a buffoon. And the technical person has gone home for the day. Make a note, go see tech dude tomorrow.

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