Wednesday, June 04, 2003

so I came to have a rant about all the changes and how things are messed up and I can't find anything...and it's all changed!!!

So, to the beginning...yesterday I got my Linux account right? Well not long after I posted, I got my Linux machine. I apologise for ever doubting the technical team. So here I am on my new, much faster Linux box, and i'm know how it is with any new system...there will always be a period of acclimitisation, familiarisation and personalisation.

there are plenty of positives with this new system indeed, but i am now surfing the web with Mozilla. I am in no way saying this is bad, but a funny thing has happened to my webpage: When you move the mouse over seemingly static text, it suddenly goes bold and leaps out at you. Wierd. If I could get to the new files and sort this out then that would be cool, but it's not going to happen for now.

And then I came here, and because I was using an old version of netscape (version 4.something I think), and now i'm not, the blogger interface is cooler.

so is the project going you probably aren't asking. Well, yesterday I was ready to go public with all the files in the right place, so I did it. I emailed the man generally considered to be the grand daddy of blogging Dave Winer. I wanted to know what he thought of the idea of work my work, and if he had any suggestions for how best to publicise my work. Of course i should be careful what I say because he may well read this page... Of course, I don't imagine he'll have much to say, because as he says himself, he is a very busy man, but imagine getting a seal of approval from the man behind

Do you see what i did there? Nice.

err...what happened there...why is this still here...minus the rest of my text??? Let's try that again shall we...

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