Tuesday, June 10, 2003
What a disaster. I mean really, meant to update this more often but...problems abound.

Beyond my time simply being taken up with other things, there have been a number of technical issues. The transition to Linux has not been as smooth as one would have hoped. For a while I couldn't access some of my files from my own machine due to access issues. Then the servers spents a lot of time down because the cooler in the machine room froze up. The servers have just all been playing silly buggers of late.

My pages are still a little odd on mozilla, but are better so I can deal. Oh yeah and I am trying to find out how I can upgrade to the service that allows bstats or whatever they call them...I saw a page all about it the other weeks...there are amounts you can pay per year, or per month or something for different levels of service. I would quite like some stats on this hear bad boy, but I can't find it anywhere. Maybe it is me, maybe it is my browser, or maybe it is blogger but I just can't find the info anywhere.

AND I've had no reply from Dave Winer. Which was kind of expected I guess, but saddening none the less.

On the experiment front, I'm still making the questionnaire up. It's taking an age, trying to think of all the questions I want to ask. I want it finished by Thursday for my meeting so my supervisors can approve. Or not.

And I think it's time i went public...

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