Friday, June 13, 2003
What a time. not entirely project related, but the other day Mozilla, by lovely new browser, decided to delete all my bookmarks. 3 years of research, contacts, obscure papers (not to mention games) gone.

You'll be pleased to hear everything is pretty much ok now, and I have most of my bookmarks back. Lost a couple, but i'll survive. Then the computer was being silly. But now it's fine. fine. we're all fine here, thank you.

finished my questionnaire yesterday. Just in time for my supervision meeting. Asides from a few spelling mistakes, and the need for a big shiny button with which to jump straight to my experiment from any page, my webpages are fine. The questionnaire is looking good also. Shame about the CGI script behind it.

With lots of help from support, I have got it up and running finally. At least superficially. It needs a proper test, but it's looking good. Should be ready to go live next week.

In my meeting we came up with a plan for getting subjects:

Stage 1 - email a few (5-10) bloggers with details of the experiment, and ask for their comments. Would they do it? Would they tell fellow bloggers about? From this we can alter anything they have objections to, see if there are any questions that need to be addressed...that sort of thing.

Stage 2 - email more bloggers. Looking for at least 20, including the original testers...although maybe not, because that's probably bad experimental practise...and get them to do the experiment. Hopefully once they do it they'll post a link in their blog, and maybe tell their friends, and they'll tell their friends, and they'll tell their friends, and the world and his blog will come knocking at my experimental door. dream per chance to not walk into a lamp post.

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