Wednesday, July 30, 2003
Wow. Another day, another batch of results. Still a long way to go though, so keep 'em coming.

People are, as I hoped, linking to my experiment. Some functional, some entertaining. Here and now I'd like to thank all those people, you know who you are, and you are all stars. I really don't think i can list them here though, because it kind of defeats the purpose of anonymity for research subjects. Maybe at the end of the experiment, I will compile a list of cool blogs.

For now though, there is one I can show you. It's the reason I ended yesterday with such a big smile on my face.

It should still be near the top here (entry for Tuesday 29th July), but in case you are coming to this late, here is a more permanent link.

For those of you who can't be bothered to look, three words for you. B. B. C.

Ok, so they are more like letters, but whatever. I'm so chuffed.
Tuesday, July 29, 2003
YAY!!! Ambition achieved. I finally made it onto blogger's most recently updated blog list. YAY!!!

and I have pictorial proof!!
Welcome back.

My first blog musing...I find it hard to keep up. Of all the diaries I kept as a nipper, only one made it to the end, and even then it has great big gaps in it. It's easier if you are say just blogging links or whatever, *looks to camera* especially with tools like Blogger's BlogThis tool *cheesey grin*. But diary style blogs are harder. I imagine there is a kind of person who is good at keeping them, and a kind who isn't. I fall into the latter category definitely.

Looking back though, what was the point. I never read them. I get too embaressed by some of the rubbish I wrote. Which isn't evening interesting rubbish, because i've never been one to write down my thoughts and feelings 'Dear Diary...' style. I just wrote down what I did every day. 'Nuff said.

Which in a round about way leads me to my second musing, and it concerns me, and this blog. This is a work blog. I am keeping details of my progress over the summer with regards to my experiment here, and nothing else. Now, I am not always the most formal writer, so some of my personality is obviously going to filter through in the way I write. That much is a given. However, this blog is not meant to be personal, but I tend to ramble so much, and I know I could easily drift into ramblings about my life. Or things I see. Site's I come across. Or whatever. But no, this is for work so i'm going to try and keep it that way. I could start up another blog, but why? My life isn't that interesting, this is the only thing of great interst that I do that needs blogged (although I've had an idea for a group blog come September/October time :D) and I'd only forget to update it, just like this one.

I mean, you could argue, that my blog based musings are not work related, but they are, because they are about blogs, which is work. So there. Just as I will discuss my results at the end, I'm discussing my observations along the way. Not that I can point out any good blogs at the moment, because that might be construed as favouritism, or something.

I'm sure i had other musings, but they'll come back to me i'm sure. And then i'll have something to say here. YAY!!
Ok. So it's Tuesday. The web server seems to be working, and people are doing my experiment. All seems well in the world of Scott. So, on with that update I was going to do on Friday.

Where to begin. first I think I'll tell you about the actual work. As I mentioned when last we spoke, my experiment has gone live. It happened a week ago. I began emailling various bloggers around the globe asking them to participate. Some have, some haven't. To those that have, I am extremely grateful. To those that haven't, i'm sure you've got a good excuse. To anyone who hasn't, please go to my experiment page, check out the details, and go for it. It's for science. It's for the future. It's for the kiddies. Is this helping?

so yeah, i'm still emailing people and asking for help, this is quite tricky, and I am manually trawling the blogging world looking for people, but i'd much rather word spread and people did it off their own bat. Not because I'm lazy, although it is quite time consuming (it's amazing how many people started blogging in June, when I need their May archives) but incase in selecting blogs I am somehow biasing the results. I'm trying not to, but you know, just incase.

So that's the other way people are coming...I'm hoping that being bloggers, subjects will blog me and then bloggers who read their blog will find me, and the word of me shall spread throughout the land. And they shall come. Ooh...appropriate filmic quote reference thing...if you blog it, they will come. Cheesy or what.

So I am getting subjects, with good data, but I do still need more. Don't think that just because you know someone who did it, doesn't mean you shouldn't. I don't know if it is possible to have too much data. So keep it coming. Please. And spread the word. Please.

Coming up, in musing on blogs.

But break.
Friday, July 25, 2003
well, it's been a while. i've been bugged a couple of times to update this (how sweet). I was going to. but now i can't be bothered.

and i'll tell you why for.

My experiment is live. it's launched. it's out there for people to do. It's just starting to take off.

so know would be the absolute worst time for a server crash.

guess what. server crashed.


and now, for the final nail in the coffin time, again.

I imagine most of our support guys have gone home. so no one can fix this.

this is an absolute disaster.

Way to start the weekend.

Monday, July 07, 2003
ok. so if i am to be collecting blog data, then spelling is going to be an issue. if even I don't correct my know...damnit.
I can just see my meeting on thursday...

<\Begin Wayne's World arm waving, picture shifting doodley do, doodley do>
So Scott, what have you done for the last couple of weeks?

Well, i moved.


no that's about it...i've moved.

What about work?

No really, moving is a bitc...pain in the...annoying thing and I'm going to have to do it again in a little over a week and this should be good enough to explain my amazing lack of progress of late.



So what have you achieved...?

<\End outdated 90's pop culture reference>

so moving IS a pian, and I do have to do it again real soon (don't ask) but work is still sorta getting done. So far I've had positive feedback from my mails, bloggers looking over my work giving opinions. After a short absence i have now compiled a list of their suggestions, and I am preparing to implement a regime of changes. And hopefully, by the time my meeting comes around, I shall be ready, finally, after all this time, to launch my experiment into the world.

Friday, July 04, 2003
I hate moving.

It is the suck.

Don't do it kids.

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