Monday, July 07, 2003
I can just see my meeting on thursday...

<\Begin Wayne's World arm waving, picture shifting doodley do, doodley do>
So Scott, what have you done for the last couple of weeks?

Well, i moved.


no that's about it...i've moved.

What about work?

No really, moving is a bitc...pain in the...annoying thing and I'm going to have to do it again in a little over a week and this should be good enough to explain my amazing lack of progress of late.



So what have you achieved...?

<\End outdated 90's pop culture reference>

so moving IS a pian, and I do have to do it again real soon (don't ask) but work is still sorta getting done. So far I've had positive feedback from my mails, bloggers looking over my work giving opinions. After a short absence i have now compiled a list of their suggestions, and I am preparing to implement a regime of changes. And hopefully, by the time my meeting comes around, I shall be ready, finally, after all this time, to launch my experiment into the world.


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