Tuesday, July 29, 2003
Welcome back.

My first blog musing...I find it hard to keep up. Of all the diaries I kept as a nipper, only one made it to the end, and even then it has great big gaps in it. It's easier if you are say just blogging links or whatever, *looks to camera* especially with tools like Blogger's BlogThis tool *cheesey grin*. But diary style blogs are harder. I imagine there is a kind of person who is good at keeping them, and a kind who isn't. I fall into the latter category definitely.

Looking back though, what was the point. I never read them. I get too embaressed by some of the rubbish I wrote. Which isn't evening interesting rubbish, because i've never been one to write down my thoughts and feelings 'Dear Diary...' style. I just wrote down what I did every day. 'Nuff said.

Which in a round about way leads me to my second musing, and it concerns me, and this blog. This is a work blog. I am keeping details of my progress over the summer with regards to my experiment here, and nothing else. Now, I am not always the most formal writer, so some of my personality is obviously going to filter through in the way I write. That much is a given. However, this blog is not meant to be personal, but I tend to ramble so much, and I know I could easily drift into ramblings about my life. Or things I see. Site's I come across. Or whatever. But no, this is for work so i'm going to try and keep it that way. I could start up another blog, but why? My life isn't that interesting, this is the only thing of great interst that I do that needs blogged (although I've had an idea for a group blog come September/October time :D) and I'd only forget to update it, just like this one.

I mean, you could argue, that my blog based musings are not work related, but they are, because they are about blogs, which is work. So there. Just as I will discuss my results at the end, I'm discussing my observations along the way. Not that I can point out any good blogs at the moment, because that might be construed as favouritism, or something.

I'm sure i had other musings, but they'll come back to me i'm sure. And then i'll have something to say here. YAY!!

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