Monday, August 18, 2003
Lots to say, so I'll probably make a couple of posts, just so it's easier to read. By way of introduction, i'm going to bring you up to date on the present, talk about the future, and some other things.

When last I checked on Sunday afternoon, there had been minimal action here at the experiment corral. However, there was a big surge last night and my inbox was once again full of data. And the website hit counter is currently on a big surge, today could be the biggest day yet. Which is nice.

But this is all good, because it's pretty much been a month. My supervisors and I decided that the experiment would run for a month, then we'd leave it alone and start the analysis. It did'nt take off quite as we had expected, it's harder to reach bloggers than we thought.

"There are 100s of 1000s of blogs out there, imagine if only 1% did the experiment. That would still be loads..."

Those were the days. So it has taken a lot of work, surfing for blogs, mailing bloggers in order to drum up business. It's taken too much work, I 've had little time to do any other work. the work i had planned on spending the summer doing. So we decide that i'd go on a final offensive last week, and just hope I could hit gold.

That's not to say the experiment is over. Far from it. DO NOT stop sending data...don't stop telling your friends. All this means is that I am going to be less in recruitment drive, and more of a middle manager. I'm still available to answer questions, and i'll still be dealing with all the data I get. And I'll still come here and tell y'all how it's going. I'm just not going to be emailing any more people. Today's surge was good. The constant flow of data that I'll be getting for the rest of the week...hint hint...will also be good.

Right...i'll be back in another post a bit later.

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