Wednesday, August 13, 2003

what an unprofessional thing to say. AND multiple exclamation marks?!?! how awful.

Anyway, got in today, checked my inbox, and it's chocka. It's packed with people having done my experiment. How the...? What the...? Not that I'm complaining but normally, I email some people, a third to a half of them do it, and one of two more get it from them. But this response level was simply unprecedented.

How did it happen. The computers were down when I got here, so I couldn't check. But now they are back. Cool. Of course, privacy and confidentiality are assured with my experiment, so even if other people are saying they did my experiment, I will not name them, so I can't tell you exactly what happened. But...someone I emailed on Monday has linked me. Got a good few links there. One of the people who came through that blog linked me, and from them my greatest number of links has come. More even, certainly in the first day short term than my mention on the BBC website. Wow. If you are reading this...and one of you certainly has been :D...thank you so much. You are absolute stars.

So is everyone who has done my experiment and/or linked to me. I show no favouritism.

Word of the day: YAY!!

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