Tuesday, August 05, 2003
What I really want to do, is change my template, because I have seen so many cool blogs, nice layouts, funky stuff, you know the drill, and mine is so simple. I'd like some links, i'd like a different background. I'd like it to have the same format as (oops, clikced the "post" button instead of the "URL" button. yeah, i know they are a long way apart, but you know...) my webpage. Sadly, whilst I do know a degree of HTML (see my webpage for proof) it's just a bit beyond me right now.

But maybe in the long term I'll get around to it. not least because someone (you know who you are) who just did my experiment, did so because they read my blog. This blog. And they asked if I was going to be keeping it up. I wasn't planning on doing so beyond however long I am doing this particular work, but since this is really the crux of my PhD at the moment, I don't see why I can't continue long into the night. So thank you.

Which is a point. I only read the email because I wasn't sure which experimental data it came with. (When subjects fill out my questionnaire, the results are emailed to me. The subject is always the same, and contains the blog name. Then I get an email with the blog data, assuming the person has sent it like I asked. some don't. Just so you know). I don't normally read the mails that come with the blog data, because i assume they don't say anything. This one did. So I should really read them, incase they have any questions or what have you. Stupid me.

Also check that the data they have sent me is in order. Because that is important. so I'm going to have to go back and do that. Which is another thing to do along with mailing more bloggers, because the rate at which people have been doing my experiment has dropped since I just left it to run alone. People ARE still finding it, there are a few blogs out there which are getting me many links. But it's not enough, so i'm going to have to try and track down some more bloggers to pester. Which is proving really hard. today, I are being mostly finding blogs that started in July, and blogs that are punditing things, blogs that are lniking, and giving comments on issues, as opposed to the diary style journals I am looking for.

So if you know anyone who has a blog and hasn't done my experiment please send them to me.

Does it seem like i'm desperate? How unprofessional. Actually, that makes me much will my informal style have on my official research when it finally surfaces. Am i going to be less credible because of the manner in which i have written here? hmm.

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