Monday, September 15, 2003
let's right something more...hmm...well, do you know what, I've been getting more data. Isn't that great. It seems that someone came across the mail I sent them oh so long ago, and did my experiment. And put up a link. And so people are coming from there. Also, plenty of people are finding me through search engines.

This you might imagine was quite normal, but for most of the time i was actively seeking respondents, i got one, maybe 2 people coming from search engines. It's only now that I'm starting to get significantly more. It's not loads I admit, but it's some. Which as we all know is better than none. mostly.

so at the weekend i was looking at XML. You know, it doesn't seem to be as hard as i had imagined it to be. It's like, if you will leave me alone and not berate me for getting this totally wrong if i do, a data storage language, but you don't have to learn it, you just make it up. Yeah, so, there are formatting issues to pay attention to, there has to be some formality otherwise it would called WYLML (whatever you like markup language), but you can do whatever with it. This seems quite cool.

So the plan (did i mention this already?) is to get all the data in HTML files (for those people that did not submit in HTML format i may have to re-get the data, or otherwise convert), tidy that data so it's nice simple HTML (using sometihng like this) and then convert it to HTML. this should put all my data in a really nice format for later manipulation and analysis (PERL scripting i imagine).

I still need to do more reading and writing. i'm trying to teach myself to multitask. This is hard. not least because i'm a male, and apparently we are bad at it. But not quite like that. When I work, I always focus on one bit at a time. I read. Or I write. Or i research. but never all at the same time. What i really need to do, is come into work, read a paper, look some stuff up, do some writing...basically do a small amount of lots of things in a day, rather than focussing on one thing. Imagine, as i often had, even reading just one paper everyday...that's a lot of papers in the course of a PhD.

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