Thursday, September 11, 2003
more than a fortnight since I last updated? my apologies, i did not realise it had been so long. still, i am now moved into my new permanent accommodation. at least for the next year. so that's good.

and what's that bar I can see on the right. you won't be able to see it when you are reading this i imagine. and I'm sure it's only there for cheap skate freebie bloggers like me. Change time and date? so...i could post this and claim it was last week and pretend i had only not updated for a week? how devious. I might paly with that some time.

So, a slow period of time has elapsed. Had a meeting last week, at which it was made really quite clear how much work i have to do. This made me quite miserable for a while, because it has meant i have had to be quite realistic about things. I need to work more, so i need to do less other things. I did have a big outside project coming up, and I was really looking forward to it, but I've had to give that up. which made me really sad. I mean, I have to be realistic. Being a PhD is a full time thing. But unless you've time manged your first two years your third year (the year i begin in october) is going to be really REALLY busy. I didn't, and so i must accept the fact that I'm going to have to work my ass of. Becoming a medical doctor isn'ta walk in the park, why should I get to take it easy.

So i'm reading, i need to speak to people, I'm planning and preparing...come october I am going to start my analysis. The data is still coming, but very slowly. there were a couple of good ones last week, which was nice. Still attention on the website hasn't completely vanished, though it's tailing off. Dribs and drabs.

Anything else you need to know...err...I still haven't got a nice looking blogs yet. Sorry. Still no useful information other than when i include it in posts. actually, when was the last time i did that...3 weeks ago? but it was only two posts ago. oops.


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