Friday, September 26, 2003
Well, a lot has happened recently. And none of it to go here, cos it is all personal stuff. sorry. One thing though, I cannot believe i didn't post about possible THE most exciting news!!!!!!!!!!!!

Multiple exclamation marks!! that's just how exciting it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so it begins on my way to work last wednesday. I got a text message, it was from my office mate:

"Hey media whore get your ass in here. the newspapers are after you"

I believe my reaction was "eh?!"

I got in, and not only did i have a direct phone message saying the A lady from the The Herald (a Scottish broadsheet newspaper) was trying to get in touch, but i had en email from one of the secretaries here telling me as much again, AND a letter from a girl in the University press office asking if i was prepared to speak to this journalist.

WOWSERS!! (nice use of 80's cartoon referencing there huh)

So after speaking to my supervisors to make sure i was allowed (they let students speak to the press?) and a quick chat with the press office, I phoned The Herald. no answer. Rats.

so later on she phoned back and arranged to call the next day. But then she called because because she was free, and we did a phone interview. 30-40 minutes my office mate reckons. It was really cool, she was very nice. so we talked about blogs in general, about journals blogs, and about what i was doing with them. Sadly i couldn't give her any results, because I don't have any.

So isn't that cool? i'm going to be in the paper!!

I spoke to her briefly about a few things at the beginning of this week. And apparently the piece is due in the paper some time at the end of this week. probably.

I bought the paper today, but there appears to be nothing. I'm going to be gutted if it's in tomorrow, because then i won't be able to email everyone i've ever known and tell them I'm in the paper. :D

I mean really, how. cool. is. that.

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