Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Curse of the Black Hole Memory

What you need is some kind of search engine, where you can put in a film title, and it searches for all the blog/newsgroup/forum post title that are based on that film. That would be so...useless :)

But that's not very work related...sorry. The reason for the title is that i had an idea in mind of what to post but i've forgotten it. It was something about the meta-blogging from my last post, and to do with the fact that i've been writing about blogs. I think it involved some kind of new level of blogging about blogging about blogging or something. It was going to be really cool. You'll just have to trust me on that.

So i've been writing a draft of the section for my thesis on blogs, and i'm finally finished. It was part introduction to blogs, part methodoloy explanation. It greatly expands on the information on my website, and, conveniently ties in with the information that i gave the Herald journalist.

Speaking of my 15 sign yet. Soon though. Apparently.

Next on my work appear to have lost my work plan. Rats. Where could i have put it. I've searched my desk...hmm. Well, ok, i think i'm going to start planning out my analysis, and maybe do some reading and writing. yeah, that'll be fun huh!

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