Wednesday, October 29, 2003

How could I forget?

I meant to say, when i got in on Monday I had an email regarding a persons interest in my work? Li'l ol' moi? Not that mentioning it here is all that important...but I thought if I did, it would spur me on to reply...because I'm bad about things like that. And once an email disappears off the front page of my I'll do it now


oops...took me all day it seems. But then I had to go to a meeting halfway through. So I have responded to said interested party. Apologies for the slow response...I know how annoying that can be.

In other comments are being silly. Thanks to Gnomom for letting me know...but things are no ok in Kansas anymore...or something. Some posts have more comments attributed to them are. Now some have less. And NOW Enetation seems to be down. If anyone has had any problems commenting please let me know. If all else fails, i can always post you comments directly here.

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