Friday, October 03, 2003
So, and end of week update on how work has been going. This week i've had two things on my list of things to do. One of them was already practically done, so it's ready to go. The second was the first of my pieces of writing. It's been hard getting into it, and slower going than i anticipated, so it's not going to be finished for me meeting today, but it is going well.

And since my work is on writing style, some observations. Last night, I was getting into quite a flow, but it occurred to me that i was writing differently than normally. Oh, before i go on, i should say that by writing style i don't mean the language is was using, or that aspect of writing, i mean the actually way i was writing, the method i was using to write. not clear? it will be.

So normally, i start a document, and work my way through it. Writing it prettty much in sequential order. This can be good, when you get a good flow, but can be a pain if you are stuck for any length of time. Last night, I realised that i had started writing four sections at once. i'd do a couple of lines of one, and then a couple of another. If i was stuck for the right words, rather than dwell i'd move on, and come back to it. It was going quite well. In some respects it doesn't look like you are doing much, because each section grows so slowly, but really, since it's many sections growing, you are doing well. i was doing well.

right, i suppose, rather than writing here, i should be writing the work bit that i am meant to be doing.

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