Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Something rotten something cool

Blah blah computers been a pain in the ass...blah blah.

Work...blah blahblah...

Now to something far more interesting...last week i was contacted by a producer with BBC Radio Scotland. She was putting together a documentary featuring bloggers and wanted to have a chat.

First the papers, now the radio...what next? Blog: The Movie?

Anyway, so I spoke to her last week, as she wanted to pick my brains. Her name is Margaret Telfer and she's, well, i'll let he tell you:

The idea is that on the 5th of November, Bonfire Night, we keep a log of 10 or 12 bloggers writing about their day. There will probably be a couple of themes we'll focus on but essentially it's people's thoughts and everyday events that we want to feature. I'd then like to record people reading their blogs (this is not essential) from the Orkneys to Dumfries and mix it in with news and events from a day in Scotland.

so basically, she is looking for Scottish bloggers, who will all blog the same day then some of it will be used in their programme. Ideally, the person will read it out themselves but this is not essential, so if you don't want to be on radio, but would still like to contribute, you can.

Margaret is keeping a blog, much like myself, partially to get in to the spirit of her medium, but unlike mine it's not just about work. Take a look, have a read, and if you are interested...get in touch.

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