Friday, October 10, 2003

The title of this post is h3

How does it look? does it work for you?

Maybe h2 would be more suitable?


Then maybe h1 is more your cup of tea?

Let's have a quick look at these bad boys...

I'm thinking h3 has it. But h2 is a close second. H1 is right out.

Thank you to my blog man Gnomon.

In other news, work is progressing, but slower than previously anticipated. I'm still writing the first junk of writing that i had intended to get done for the end of last week. I was possibly a little optimistic in my original planning, and so it's ben suggested that i just move everything back. It's the most realistic practical option, but it's just depressing to know that the actual proper work, the meat of the thesis meal, is going to have to be delayed further.

And I've still not been in the Herald yet. Soon though i hear. I'll let you know.

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