Tuesday, December 09, 2003

An ickle update

So let's try out this whole small update thing. Guess who's computer messed up yesterday.

That's right. Mine.

It might have been my own fault for once however. I was using a graphics package, and it kept giving me an error message which basically said:

cannot open swap file, something bad will happen soon

i mean what is that supposed to mean?! Who is going to believe an error message like that. Well, I should have.

Things seem to be ok now, bar the fact that I've lost my toolbar. Not quite sure where it's gone, but since everything else is working (or appears to be) I'll leave that in the capable hands of our support team.

So I'm working on the XSL transforms. And I'm going try and programme sensibly. I'm going to test each function as I write it, rather than writing the whole thing and going through a major debugging phase.

So I was having troubles with the < and > characters. Turns out is have to remember to use the mark-up code for them: &LT and &GT respectively. Just like I did in previous posts here. However, as you'll see, they look a little weird:

< some text > (&LT some text &GT)

This is because when I write them with no spaces, a la &LTsome text, the some gets lumped in with the LT and confusion ensues.

However, as I try and type &LT into <oXygen/>, I get as far as the &, and it bring up a completion menu, which contains the very elements I need. Not only that but they are followed by semi colons, which would appear to deal with the space problem:

<some text> (&LT;some text&GT;)

So now my very simple stylesheet it valid. However, when i try to apply it to a valid XML file, i'm told the software failed to parse stylesheet. But it's valid... :(

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