Wednesday, February 04, 2004


So, again, after a longer period of time than I anticipated, I think my DTD (see yesterday's post for explanation) is finished. It took a lot of tweaking. I was playing around with entities and they seemed to work, but then they denied they were, and it got very confusing. So I took them out, but using them had forced me to totally pin down the structure of the grammar. With a few additions, it now seems complete.

And more to the point working. There was one issue I had testing it yesterday, that actually, as with many programming errors, came down to a spelling mistake. Don't they always. It's either that or a missing bracket.

So, I'm beginning to tag my first file. It all very exciting. And time consuming. I imagine as I get better at it, it will get faster. However, first problem, I am classifying the contents of the blog. But in order to classify things you need a definition of your classes. So I am trying to finally pin these down. I thought I had it, but I've just been discussing the issue with my office mate, and I'm not sure what I think any more. It's looking like it would be easy to set myself a distinction, but it may be hard to see where things lie. Something to consider and discuss at length in tomorrow's meeting, because it involves a lot of issues.

I'm sorry I'm not saying more, but I'm thinking, I think, about things that haven't really been considered before, so for now I'd rather not put my idea out there, until I'm settled, and until I have something to actually say about it. Sorry. Very confusing I know, for you and me both.

In other news, we are moving...sorry...being forced to move offices next week. So we've spent a lot of the day dealing with the admin of that, and discussing what we are going to do and what have you.

Also, after some more emails, my computer has settled down and is running RedHat 9. There are of course, as with any new system, lots of set up options I'm tempted to fiddle with, but I'm trying to control myself right now. I can do it once we move, because there will be a lot of re-adjusting to be done then.

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