Tuesday, February 03, 2004


So, I managed it. With my new work regime I made my self imposed target of pre-processing all my YES files. Hoorah.

The next job is to get on with the tagging. I'm tagging in XML, and so to help me, I've been writing my DTD (or Document Type Definition) which is like a grammar for XML. I'm defining all the tags i want to have, and the structure that relates them to one another.

ie. each blog will be wrapped in <BLOG></BLOG> tags. A BLOG will be made up of DAYs, and these in turn of POSTs.

Earlier today I had a meeting with my second supervisor so as to get her opinion on my structure so far. Things are looking good. I just need to finalise the syntax, and I can get on with testing it in <oXygen/>.

But then...I get back from my meeting, and finally the support guy has shown up to upgrade my Linux box from Redhat 7 to Redhat 9. So now machine is tied up, and I'm having to log onto another machine in the office, with a really low and difficult to use resolution. It's ok, but I don't want to get on with my DTD till I'm back on my own machine.

So I'm reading. I've a thesis to read, but I've reached the hard stats part, and I don't really know what's going on. So I'm blogging. Hello, how are you?

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