Monday, March 01, 2004

High Time

So, work has slowed down a little this past week or so because, rather annoyingly, I got a little ill. Nothing bad, it just slowed me up a lot during the day. Still though, I was able to tag my largest file. It took a few days, but less time than if had been 5 smallers blogs of the same cumulative size.

Other than that I started writing another file processing script, to extract all the demographic type data I have in my files, and put it all together in one neat tabulated form. So quite soon, I will have my first pseudo-results: I'll be able to look at the average age of my sample, the gender split, why people say they blog, etc. Yay for getting something to show.

That's the problem with all this tagging. I spent time gathering the data, then I working out how to prepare it, knowing this large tagging effort is merely getting the data ready for analysis, and then I actually have to DO the analysis. Then maybe I'll have some interesting, I hope, results.

And things are about to get a little slower. I'm going to be taking the rest of the week off. So sometime later on next week, i should be back with things to report. i'm sorry I haven't had anything more interesting to report this week. There's not really been any issues or difficulties or things to discuss.

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