Thursday, May 13, 2004

Lack of Intelligence?

Did you know, that Blogger's spell checker does not know the word blog?! That's just foolishness.

It really wouldn't take much to add some domain specific words into the dictionary file surely? Words used in blogging a lot, like blogging, blogosphere, and Blogger.

Maybe the spell checker doesn't work like that, but it seems simple to me. I wonder if there is a suggestions box.


Hello New Blogger

It's all changed. Isn't it pretty. I hope it still works. I guess we'll find out.

Ok, so where was I? Oh yes, I've been working on the statistics of my subjects and their blogs. In fact that's what I was doing when the spreadsheet package froze up a while ago. I'm hoping there is a way to wake it up, because I foolishly have not saved for a while, so...

Nope. Just heard back from support. It's pretty much dead. Bother.

Looking over this blog, I think the three most common words are "blog" "tagging" and "support". There always seems to be something wrong with the computer.

Never mind. Sadly, I don't really have much to report, because nothing really cool has appeared as I had hoped. I've still some correlation studies to do, but it's not looking like there will be anything interesting at this point.

I'm currently preparing a report based on my findings, and I may make it, or some of it, publicly available on my website for anyone interesting in the demographics of my corpus. Also there is information on surface features of the blogs, such as how many posts, a word count, how many links per post, that sort of thing. The next stage, the main work on my PhD will be the language analysis.

Which'll be nice.

Right, let's try and get back some time wasted today...

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