Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Begin Again?

So I've been busy working away, not updating my blog, as it seems has become the norm. My work has been covering various threads:

  • continuing with statistics which leads to...
  • beginning actual analysis.
  • reading about the history of personality models.
  • reading about blogs.

It's this last point that, perhaps most obviously, I wish to discuss here.

So a colleague gave me a thesis of some work using weblogs in collaborative education work, and they reference a paper a got ages ago, but never read. So I thought I'd better read it.

It's called Blogging Thoughts: Personal Publication as an Online Research Tool. It has been written by two blogging academics Torill Mortensen and Jill Walker. It's very interstice.

It dates from 2002, and it's really, as far as I can tell, one of the first pieces of academic work to embrace blogging. The field is growing, with many people using blogs as tools in study, or looking at the social impact of blog networks.

There are lots of points form the paper I want to talk about, but mainly it's the idea of the blog as research tool. I really don't take my blog seriously enough. Mainly because I'm just not a diary writer, but I'm going to try. I feel inspired to keep up with blogging, but also to make more of it.

Really I just seem to detail the things that I do, and really they are quite mundane (Mortensen and Walker discuss academic publishing online, something I should like to comeback to). So I'd like to use this blog to do more. This post is that start. I read an interesting article about blogs, and I'm sharing it. I'm going to look more into the world of academic blogging. I'm going to investigate to possible relevance to me of BlogTalk 2.0, a conference in Vienna for "bloggers, developers, researchers and others who share, enjoy and analyse the benefits of blogging.

Maybe I'll change by template too, so it looks more academic, and less blog beginner...I have been at this for a year now.

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