Thursday, June 17, 2004

Once a Programmer...

So with the help of Java tutorials, and Java API things (you can tell I'm very expert) I'm happily coding away.

Yes, I thought I'd finished too, but it turns out, the error/correction rates aren't great with the automatic system. It introduces too many new errors, and the higher you put the confidence threshold (how confident you want the spellchecker to be with its suggestion) the more correct corrections you lose.

However, all is not lost. The system does a good job of some automatic corrections, such as capitalisations, and actually leaves very few spelling errors. So we decided that I should run the automatic part, and then spell check the rest (remember, fewer errors than we were expecting) by hand, if you will.

So I am currently using the javax.swing libraries to write some interface code to...interface...with the dictionary software. That's right, I'm writing my own spellchecker, like so many that already exist.

The advantages are I can get it to do exactly what I want, which should include maintaining different dictionaries of different kinds of words. And it will give me experience of Java interface coding. Cool.

Disadvantages...still earning the java; it looks rubbish; and it might not work.

I'm just about on top of the interface side, the actual look and working of the buttons. But then I have to connect it to the dictionary code, and I have NO idea how to do that.

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