Monday, July 26, 2004
Writing To Appear?
So, I'm trying to workout how to write this so it appears as I want. The obviousl solution is the copy the HTML from my last post, and just change all the words. Bit crappy, but there you go, until I work I all out it'll have to do.

I think it's working.

So anyway, last week, I finally got my spell checker working. The interface is ugly, it's horrendously inefficient (I've never heard the fan go on the computer quite so much) but it works. I can sit with a file, the spell checker does much autocorrecting, and I can easily manually do all the rest...including putting words into different dictionaries for later analysis use.

I'm also thinking lots about my blog. Never fear, I'm not going to give it up due to time constraints, in fact I'd like to post more. I'd like to redesign it, along with updating my webpage, but I'm also considering broadening the scope of it. As I have said many time, as a kid, my diaries we very factual, just lists of what I did all day. So this blog has turned, it's just details of the work I'm doing, very little higher level stuff. Occasionally I will discuss a related issue here, but what I'm getting at is progress analysis musings. Or more simply, to actually talk about how I think things are going, if I'm happy with my work, that sort of thing. Talk more about the life of a PhD student, that sort of thing. We'll see if any of that actually happens.

Or I could start by saying I am currently very happy with my progress. Spelling could have taken very many weeks, but instead I wrote very many weeks writing a spell checker to cut it down to 1, maybe 2. This may seem silly, but I now know a degree of Java, and have a spell checker which can be altered to do many different things that a pre-packed word processor spell checker cannot. From here I move to get results, and do further analysis.

In a PhD, as with much of life, it turns out that many things take longer than you anticipate, but right now, I like where I am and the rate I'm moving.

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