Wednesday, August 04, 2004
This Should be a Title
Ok, so I'm just having a play with Blogger, to see if I can make my post look like the last couple, without having to copy and paste the HTML.

So, finally, the spelling is done. There were a couple of problems, such as unreadable UNICODE character popping up in files, and there were a lot of people who would occasionally just forget about the spacebar, but other than that, I think a little over a week is so much better than my anticipated 3 months of spell checking. And that was a really long sentence, the kind I really need to stop writing, because it doesn't look good in official things. So let me re-write it:

So, the spelling is finally done, with only a few problems. I encountered some unreadable UNICODE characters which had to be removed. Also, a number of people would occasionally forget to use the spacebar. All in all, it took little over a week to check all my files. This is a marked improvement on the 3 months I had calculated it would take.

Now, technically the re-draft is longer, but it's not one sentence, so it reads better, and is more formal. My formal writing is pretty poor, because I have a very informal style by nature. My supervisors are always getting me to re-write sentences, because I just love commas, and I put them everywhere. As awful as it would have been, they could have taught us a lot more of this sort of thing in school. I was terrible at English at school, but mainly because it was all about in-depth studies of Shakespeare and poetry, and I could just never see the point. So I blame the education system for my poor writing skills.

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah, the spelling is done, and I'm almost ready to go. A quick intermediate stage before the formal linguistic analysis is correction of some informalisms using a proprietary system I have developed. And then...oh joy of all joys...I extract those, lump them there, run that, stick it in there, click this and vol-au-vent...results.

I probably won't be able to tell you in detail the exact results, because it will
hopefully be publishable work, but I can tell you if my results are good or bad, and how they compare. It's so exciting.

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