Friday, October 08, 2004
What is Etiquette?
So, having not been around blogland for a while I've just found a comment made on my post on Blogging Etiqutte from last month, asking where I came across the idea that cross-linking was considered etiquette. And you know what, I'm not sure.

I think bloggers may have mentioned it in correspondance while I was collecting data. I seem to recall a couple of bloggers mentioning casually that "you should link people who link you." I've also spent a lot of time reading over various blogs, and have come across a number of instances where people delink someone because they were angry at being delinked themselves. "If you don't link me I won't link you" sort of thing. So it was just the impression I got.

I didn't read it anywhere as a strict rule. I suppose etiquette is not about what you must do, but more about what you should do. Indeed it's not necessarily fair to expect someone to return the link.

I guess the way I've seen it recently is that for so long I couldn't, and explicitly stated that I wouldn't return any links, I guess i'm playing for blogger karma by returning any I know of now. Especially with fellow academics interested in weblogs. Links within a specific community are more than just polite, they can be a great help.

Does anyone have anyone have any strong thoughts on this? I'm sure if you look around there are many discussions on this, but I just don't have time to look right now...

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