Tuesday, March 08, 2005
I saw something on CNN's TV text service talking once more about bloggers losing their jobs. This prompted me to check out their website for more of the story. It's once more about companies and employees needing to work out some sort of policy on blogging.

What was interesting though, was that the article talks about companies that actively encourage blogging, like Sun Microsystems. Also, from the TV but not the website, I learnt that apparently there is a term for getting fired for blogging - dooced. This comes from the name of the website of one of the early blogging sackees, Heather B. Armstrong. I personally have never come across the term before, but maybe that's because I've only been reading news storys, and not actual blogs. Turns out google it, and there's 16,000 + uses. Wow...lot of bloggers getting themselves into trouble.

Also on CNN, the first blogger has been admitted to the news briefing at the White House.

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