Thursday, March 10, 2005
Do Re Me
Hard as it is to believe in this period of link-providing blogosphere-discussing frenzy, I have actually been doing some work on my own. I spent most of last month catching up with other things, and so had nothing to say. Now I'm on top of that, I can just do it at the rate I was before Christmas.

So I've been finishing up some writing, re-drafting some work I did while I was away. It's impressive just how much you can change by reading over your work. I never used to do that, I think I was just too lazy, leaving everything to the last minute, but I've learnt it really helps. Not least because it saves other people time having to point out all the very basic mistakes. I mean, I'm not the worlds greatest writer, and I have an annoying tendency of making really long sentences, with far to many commas, in inappropriate, places.

So I have a nicer section describing my methodology, and I expanded my discussion on weblogs. Mainly, I was adding blurb on academic work on blogs. Turns out, there's a lot more than I thought there was. Mostly people are looking at blogs as a network, social or for knowledge dissemination, but there is some work closer to mine.

I found a couple of really nice resources for academic discussion of weblogs. One is basically an online collection of essays, Into the Blogosphere, and it has some very interesting pieces. Then there's BROG, weblog research on genre, gender, audience, and social networks. They also list papers written by their contributors.

There really is some very interesting stuff out there, and as I sift through it all, taking it in, I shall endeavour to discuss it here.

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