Tuesday, March 01, 2005
The Good, The Bad and The Humourous Satire

So once again there has been a round of blog discussion in the media, and I must thank my darling wife greatly for sending me many of the links herein.

First of we have the increasingly common blog causes job loss scenario. It's mainly of interest to me because not only is he apparently the first in the UK to lose his job, but he is a Local Blogger and he got fired from the very Waterstones store I have frequented often. I didn't notice how long ago this happened (January) but in a link that may require subscription it turns out that he was headhunted by Forbidden Planet, which is nice.

As has been discussed many times, this is increasing a a danger of blogging. It is one of the bad side's of blogging. There is a worry that people might have to start policing blogs in some way, companies monitoring their employees personal webspace, in case they say anything bad. There are now also some pieces discussing bloggers' rights.

On the good side, the is the power that bloggers can yield over the mainstream media. There have been many occasions were reports on television or in newspaper have been questioned, and ultimately shown to be inaccurate by the due diligence of the worlds blogging community.

Some people consider however that that may also be a bad thing. Power corrupts, and power in the wrong hands can be a dangerous force. Can bloggers be too reactionary, to quick to condemn, and jump on a misguided bandwagon. By the time the wagon is halfway down the hill, it may be going to fast to stop. Try these articles for more on this.

On a personal basis, you just have to know who to trust. I actually saw blogs discussed on television over the weekend. ABC News anchor Peter Jennings was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, mainly discussing his new special on UFOs. At one point, he made a casual reference to blogs, but they later discussed them in more detail. He admitted that he reads blogs. He said that it takes time to find ones you can trust and believe in, but they can be a very good thing. Vis a vis, they can also be bad.

In fact, looking around the daily show website (in the UK, CNN show a once weekly Daily Show Global Edition, so we don't see all the reports), I found a piece by their very funny correspondent, Stephen Colbert, on "fact" obsessed bloggers. As with much on The Daily Show, it was a satirical piece mock-mocking bloggers for their accurate reporting of facts, and refusal to tow party lines.

So it seems weblogs are still growing in importance, but whether or not they will revolutionise media and politics, or be just a tool of the moment, remains to be seen.

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