Tuesday, March 08, 2005
Librarian Dooced
So one of the links I found while googling dooced was to a librarian from New Zealand, bizgirl. You can read her full story, following various links here but to cut a long story short, she posted about the fact that she had taken CD's home and copied them. Read more and you'll see that she had received a series of warning regarding her blog.

People didn't like what was being said about them, and even though it was anonymised, they could still tell it was them. Her colleagues also felt she had pulled a sickie, because she blogged how she had been drinking at a party on the afternoon of the day in question.

It does seem silly to keep blogging things that can get you into trouble when people you work with know about your blog. I guess the feeling is that if you calm down at first, they'll forget about it. But it seems that once people know that you are writing about them, vanity assures they will constantly check. People want to know what you are saying about them. one of those art/life imitation scenarios, it seems that friend of hers is producing a small play based on her blog. Interesting. She's also up for a bloggie.

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