Wednesday, March 16, 2005
A Little Bit of This and That
A couple of little titbits from the blogging world. Firstly, in a link you may need to subscribe to in order to read, The Daily Free Press discusses how:
the Federal Elections Commission will take a stab at defining the blog and whether it is free speech, political speech or a new form of the press.
The idea seems to be the discussion of regulating blogs like other forms of media. The authors warn that regulation should apply to some more than others, but regardless, regulating the internet has so far proved incredibly hard. It's an interesting piece.

In a much more light hearted piece it seems that Nostradamus predicted white male bloggers (from The Blog Herald.)
But yonder on the horizon lurks the peoples of myriad pigmentation and genital presentation, ready to start blohing. Blohing the truth and the lies far and wide.

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