Friday, May 13, 2005
360 Day
Well, I was going to blog today, since it's been two weeks since my last, but Blogger doesn't seem to want to let me in. So I shall just write something here and save it for another day.

I've been working on various things since we last spoke. As I'm coming into my final months of PHD, I'm trying to get some final research in. You know, the fnial different approaches to analysing my data and so forth. The final 3 months or show sohuld be purely devoted to writing, so I should get the numbers over with.

Along with little bits and pieces for that, I'm also working on my trip, as detailed in my last post. The deadline for the final draft of the paper for publication is approaching, so I am making a few changes. I'm using my anonymous reviewers comments, and using that to see how i can improve things. The main thrust seems to be that it's not clear what is important, and why I did certain things. Well, in the last week or so I've been learning about some statistics that will help me show that certain things are important. As to the whys I also got some good feedback from my poster, so I think I can improve my structure a little.

Needless to say, soon it will be a publication, which means I can share it with the world. i.e. post about it for you all to read. There are some interesting results in it I can tell you. I leanr a little more about bloggers with ever analysis I perform. seems blogger has let me in. So I can post. Huzzah. Isn't technology simply marvelous.

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