Thursday, June 23, 2005
Counting Down... so many things. Counting down to the conference towards the end of July. Counting down towards the big million which will be happening right on our doorstep (and I really do mean actual doorstep). Most importantly, counting down to my submission deadline.

With that in mind, I'm stepping things up and really getting my head down. I have drawn up action plans. Short term, long term, work, admin, all sorts. It's going to be a very busy few months. My wife is being a big help, encouraging and supporting me, and I appreciate everything she does for me very much. With her help I know I can do it.

One option I have is to make my plan, my timetable public; to write here what it is I am supposed to be doing and when. This will make me accountable. It's one thing to make excuses to yourself about why you haven't completed a certain task but it's another thing to explain to the thousands [sic] of readers you have.

We'll see.

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