Tuesday, July 12, 2005
Coming soon...
As I may have mentioned before, I'm soon to depart for the Cognitive Science Conference, in Stresa, Italy at which I shall be presenting a poster based on the paper I wrote that will be included in the conference proceedings. It shall be a proud day, since this is one of my first proper publications from the blog project. Of course, unlike the good old days when you would get huge books full of papers, everything is now given to you on CD. Which means no excitedly flicking through to find my name in print, which is sad. It also means no carrying around 1000 pages of other people's work as I go about my travels, which is nice.

So, to my point, since my work is finally being published, I feel I can finally publish it here (I've previously discussed the problem of academics posting results on blogs, since many journals accepted work that has not previously been published). So I am going to post a link to the paper, and break it down into a few succinct, interesting and ultimately sound-bite worthy posts. Watch this space...

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