Wednesday, August 24, 2005
Emotional Blogging
"Boys and men don't have time to write very much. Girls are more emotional, more articulate about their feelings. Besides, a lot of boys are busy playing online games."
Apparently, this is why the Chairman of a large Chinese blog hosting company thinks that 60% of their bloggers are female.

I guess 60% is probably average. I've seen figures ranging from 50% to 70% so needless to say there do tend to be more female bloggers than male. Of course it's his reasoning that is most interesting: males are busier, females more emotional.

Now recent studies (ie. mine) have shown that women do tend to be more emotionally expressive in their blogs. I wonder if this truly is the reason for it: that there are more women bloggers because they see it as a way of expressing their emotions, where as since men are less comfortables doing this, it's one less reason to blog. Maybe. Interesting.

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