Friday, September 09, 2005
Writing to reach you
So today I figured I would let you all know how the writing is going. hopefully over the weekend I can get something down regarding some results, because I know that's really what you want to read. (If there is anything specific you want to know, you can always ask.)

So it seems to be going really well. I have various sections evolving together, I'm making changes, restructuring, re-writing, editing, adding, creating, really can see the thesis so much better the more of it you get done. I beleive they call it taking shape.

My office mate Continuity Boy says that he doesn't mind writing, but really doesn't like revising. I'm not too good with the writing, with it taking time for any words to hit the page, but when I revise things they are much more polished and I'm much happier with them.

I wish I knew that sooner. I never used to read over things at school or as an undergraduate. It turns out, the small amount of time you spend looking over something can not only correct many mistakes, but make the work a whole lot better.

As an example, let me read over this post..., certainly a couple of mistakes, a few re-written phrases...much better. Not that you can tell...that's the magic of editing.

One of my main problems is long sentences with excessive use of commas. Both my wife and supervisor have often pointed this out to me. So reading over things I've learned both be sparing with commas and notcie when a sentence can be split in twain.

- or -

Reading over things I've learnt to see when a sentence can be split in two. I've also tried to cut back on my commas.

It doesn't always work I'm sure, and I'm not perfect but I'm trying. In summary then, things are going well.

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