Wednesday, October 05, 2005
It's Been One Week
It's been a week now since I submitted my thesis and I thought I really ought to post so that people know I'm still here. Indeed, with the viva to come, I will still be working on things bloggish. In fact, it would be nice to continue beyond that. What I'd like to find is someone interested in individual differences and language, possibly in blogging, with an aim to putting together a research proposal for further work. If there is anyone out there interested in working in this field, wherever you may be in the world, drop me a mail, I would love to hear from you.

So, the first observation I can make is that the intense diligence that comes with the final months of the PhD doesn't seem to stop. On Wednesday I submitted after 4 years work and certainly the last 10 months very hard work. I deserved a couple of days of. However, every time I catch myself doing nothing in front of the TV, I feel guilty for not working. I shouldn't be having so much relaxation I have a thesis to finish. No wait, I already did. My wife is the same, she keeps thinking she needs to send me back to work, but she really doesn't.

Still, despite the guilt, I did manage to have a relaxing few days. Obviously I am back now...gotta earn a crust...but it really does feel good to be done, at least for now. I can now spend time with my wife in the evenings and weekends. I can enjoy all the things we cut back on so I could work more...TV, games, fun...I highly recommend finishing the all Postgrad students :D

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