Thursday, November 10, 2005
We've Set the Date

So it's been a sparse patch I know. I've been taking it easy on the Blog research front for the last month or so. I've been concentrating on job work (you know, the kind that pays you) and trying to figure out how to get us to Australia (things are happening, I'll post more about that later).

It is now time however to look back at the thesis and start thinking blogs again. Why? Well we've set a date for my viva, my thesis defense. This is the bit where I sit down with my examiners and we discuss my work. At the end of what could be between 1 and several hours, they talk and make their recommendations. There are various levels these can take from minor corrections, 1 or 3 month's corrections, all the way up to full resubmission. Obviously we don't want to even consider that last one as a possibility...shudder.

I'm fairly confident that my thesis was good enough, though as I've looked back at it briefly, I have identified a few mistakes. And there is a small extension to the work I've done since that I would like to include. So the plan now is to carefully look over my thesis, make sure after my break that I know it inside and out. I want to identify any errors or areas of improvement that I can before I meet with the markers, so I can be prepared for anything they might want me to look at.

I think I'm very lucky in that my markers are both very well respected academics. My internal examiner is Keith Stenning, a leading cognitive scientist whose main interests lie in human reasoning and communication.

My external is Jean-Marc Dewaele of Birbeck College London, co-author of the F-measure paper I based some of my work on, who studies in the "interdisciplnary field of applied linguistics, second language acquisition and production, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, psychology and bilingualism."

I'm sure at the time I'll be nervous, but at the moment I'm certainly very much looking forward to it. The next date for your diaries...Friday the 9th of December, at 2pm.

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