Monday, January 16, 2006
So I never got around to posting all about my upcoming plans, though I shall try to do that this week. Needless to say, a number of those plans concern Australia and our desire to move there. Wherever we go, we were always planning on leaving. So having just gotten back from a month in the States, there have been an increasing number of signs that we should definitely leave as soon as possible.

Firstly, after a very long day of travelling...heavy planes, bad weather, diversions, delays, missed flights...we got home to find that we had been black balled by the only takeout that we wanted. Pizza hut had decided, just three days earlier, that they were no longer going to deliver to our area, which I would like to point out is in the middle of the city. To cap off several days of further frustrating disappointments (people/services being withdrawn, stores no longer stocking anything), I foolishly joked that our grocery stores would be shut when we went shopping yesterday.

Stupid, stupid boy.

The main store we go to, thought being roughly only a year old, was indeed closed for refurbishments, with no date for re-opening. If you believe in these things, then there are few clearer ways for the city of my birth to tell me I'm no longer wanted.

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