Sunday, January 29, 2006
Words Pouring From My Fingers
Well it's been a busy couple of weeks I can tell you. I've been putting together the final draft of the paper for the AAAI-CAAW workshop I've been invited to. That required lots of work starting us off in the direction we were hoping to take the blog study in. Since the paper is so short, it's a really brief skim through just some aspects of the thesis, but it will be interesting to turn it into a talk. I've also been trying to sort out funding for flights to Stanford (a few days in San Fran sounds like a nice trip sweetener). Do we want the hassle of changing planes? Or do we want a long haul direct flight leaving at 6am?

Most importantly, I've been putting together my research proposal for a postdoctoral fellowship in Australia. There's quite a lot to it with all the form filling, so I'm very busy at the moment. After that it does take some (many) months to hear back and it wouldn't even start until 2007. So I'm still looking to get me some work in Australia in the meantime because we are getting keener and keener to go by the days. We've been looking at property, watching shows about relocating to Australia, it is definitely for us. The sooner the better as far as we're concerned.

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