Monday, February 20, 2006
Friends in Far Flung Places
Ok, so Poland is not really that far flung, but it's certainly an interesting direction for an email to come from. It turns out Krzysztof Kredens of University of Łódź in Poland has been reading my thesis and weblog. Noticing that I have been asked to expand my literature review by my examiners, Krzysztof emailed me to suggest some references I might be interested in. Krzysztof studies langauge and individual differences from a forensic authorship attribution perspective. This is an area I had begun to look at back in the day, but got lost in other directions. At the very least, a superficial examination of this area should heartily bolster the robustness and coverage of my literature review.

So thank you very much Krzysztof. And if there is any one else with any ideas of areas I should look at I'd really appreciate any pointers. Among the areas I'm looking into are langauge and gender studies, particularly from a feminist perspective, and what makes a genre a genre.

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