Thursday, March 02, 2006
Achieving Things

The theme of this post is talking about things that have been accomplished recently. Firstly, I finally completed the final draft of my application for funding from the Australian Research Council to do my post-doc at Macquarie next year. Obviously I can't tell you what the proposal concerned, since you might steal my idea and I wouldn't get funding. I can tell you though that it is a natural extension of my current work, taking into account new areas of interest.

Speaking of my current work, Jon and I just completed our submission for the big ACL/CoLing conference in Sydney in the summer. Again, I'm afraid I'm unable to give you too many details, because they are quite strict about reviewing work anonymously, and if say too much, I might compromise that. However, we are both very excited about the work in the paper, and I like the think that you might apply words such as unique and ground-breaking to it.

The final item on today's agenda is to say congratulations to Dr Tim Smith (AKA Continuity Boy) on a rather successful thesis defence. Welcome to the club. It is honour and a privelige to have such a good friend join us.

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