Saturday, March 25, 2006
The Hills Have Eyes
That may not necessarily be the case here in San Francisco, but it is fair to say that there are many hills. I know they only show hills in movies, particularly car chase ones, but when you drive into the city it doesn't seem that bad. But then you take a walk. At an given junction you may be facing a sheer drop or a steep climb.

Can I just say at this point Airbus 330s rule!! Normally when we come to the States its on a Boeing, and it is the usual movie, meal, cramped space deal. But not this time. Despite a delay which severely put our connection from Detroit at risk, the airline lovingly provided a plane with a mini screen in every seat, a list of movies to watch at your convenience, and all sorts of games and music. It was really good. Made the 8 hour flight fly by. Unlike the 5 hours flight after that, which was terrible. Arriving at what your body thinks is 6 am is never fun!

But so far SF has been pretty good to us. Good food, good shopping, good beer, it seems like a good little spite of the hills. Heading down to Palo Alto tomorrow in preparation for the symposium starting on Monday. I'm hoping it is a little flatter!

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