Tuesday, March 21, 2006
Should Blogademics Blog?
I think this is an interesting question. Should those of us who study blogs also maintain a blog? Getting into the spirit of the medium so to speak. It is a question I tried to pose on the blog set up for participants of the symposium on blogs I am attending next week. The answer was that nobody responded. Now I know that some of the speakers do have blogs, but it also appears that many of them do not.

At first I thought that was a bit of a poor show. If you are going to study blogs, then you should have a blog, talk about your work. It just makes sense.

This is of course a very silly thing to think, for two reasons. The first concerns the content of the blog. A traditional blog is an online diary, and not everyone wants to publically publish details of their personal lives. Alternatively, a blog contains details of work, and acts as a repository for academic thoughts and musings, which again not everyone wants to share.

The second is a more general point that really concerns study of or indeed interest in any topic. We don't expect all literature types to be writers, and not everyone who likes art needs to be an artist. Just because I blog, doesn't mean that other blogademics should. After all, blogging is not for

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