Wednesday, April 26, 2006
But Not For Godot
(Notification of Acceptance Due)

It's always the same when you are waiting for things to happen. Even if you have a date, you are hoping things will happen early. They never do, but you still come in every day expecting to see the email, and ultimately you start every day with a sense of disappointment. We are supposed to hear about our recent conference submission at the end of this week. We know it's good work but we are keen to see how well it has gone over within a circle we've not previously moved in.

If nothing else, hearing that we have been accepted confirms the to-be-published status of the work and we can start letting people have a look at it. I think it's interesting stuff, and from the people we have talked with, we've had some good feedback. I've been waiting to talk more about it for a couple of months now. What we've done puts it among the first generation of work to attempt to do so, and we are hoping it will be just the start of something awesome.

I hope I've not built it up too can's great stuff!

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