Wednesday, April 19, 2006
He's In Fashion
(Symposium Feedback)
So I was interested to read some feedback on my post reviewing the recent CAAW symposium for it made Amanda and I very proud. I'm proud because someone enjoyed the humour in my slides (I could tell from the giggles that not everyone noticed/got my references). I think humour is important in conference/symposium presentations. When you are to be listening to talks all day long it can become very tedious if they are all completely dry and boring. I like to educate AND entertain. Also, if you want just the facts, academically presented, the paper is always there to be read. So I'm honoured that someone appreciated my attempts to bring a smile to the proceedings.

Amanda, my wife and stylist is proud that I am considered among the best dressed attendees :D She gave herself a pat on the back, and is delighted her work is getting some recognition. We both thank you.

You being a newbie in the world of blog research - Erin O'Connor, doing her M.A. at San Diego looking to extract temporal expression from blogs. She claims she doesn't have much to say about it at this point, but i'm sure she will. It is an interesting direction to come from, and could yield some good results for future study of blogs.

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