Wednesday, April 05, 2006
This Post Has No Title
When you are trying to find out what someone is saying in a blog, you look to their posts ... obviously! For a quick summary you look to the title. It is really helpful, particularly when searching for information, if the title of the post is relevant to the content. Anyone who has read this blog for some time will be aware that while mine are, it is often tenuous and obscure. It is hard sometimes to see what my post may be about from the title. Subsequently, unless I use specific words in my posts, someone searching for information of which I may have something to say may not find my sage words. There was a great deal of talk at the symposium of searching in blogs, I know it is a big deal these days.

Does this mean I should stop titling the way I do? Notice that I titled the last post as accurately as I could in case anynoe from the symposium was searching for people's thoughts on the events. Should I introduce a second more specific sub-title? Much like my Master's thesis, smart AND practical: Being John Motson - Towards a computation model of football commentary.

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