Sunday, May 28, 2006
Men at Work
A post title with even more hidden meanings and available interpretations than normal. So I got official confirmation this past week, that I have been offered a job that I applied for back at the beginning of March. I did the interview at the end of March, while I was in Palo Alto in fact. I didn't like to say anything because... well... I just didn't. Needless to say though, I can now confirm that I got the job.

What's more it's exactly where we want to be: Sydney, Australia. I cannot tell you how excited Amanda and I are at the prospect of the big move down under. We having been looking forward to leaving behind the grey and starting a whole new life for so long now. It's just going to be (expressive word of the day) awesome!!

I had a thought this morning...we should blog it. You know, what we do to get there, our thoughts once we arrive, document our experiences in the hope that we may one day aid and encourage other fledgling migrants. There are zabillions of bloggers out there doing the same thing, with so few readers available, but I'm not sure that really matters. Of course, it's hard enough to keep one blog updated so...

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